Highlands 100.7FM MALDON, Victoria Australia Date: 2006-06-18 08:39:55 A well performed and produced album, which gives a good insight into Dean's talent. It is good to come across an Adult Alternative album that lives up to its musical genre.” - Tony Bates

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Dean Madonia CD "The Light of Reason" Available @ CD Baby Well, I can say that this CD is unlike the CD's I normally review. It has a unique vibe about the CD. In this case though, unique is good. The reason this cd is so unique is because it offers a little bit of everything. Whether you want to relax to the music of Dean Madonia or rock out to it, this CD offers it all. Not a whole lot of CDs in Nashville offer everything music wise like this CD does. I was so impressed by this cd, especially since I had never heard of Dean Madonia until now. I must say that he is one of the hidden talents here in Nashville, and I look forward to hearing more from him soon. If you would like to check out Dean Madonia you may do so now at http://www.deanmadonia.com. You can purchase the "The Light of Reason" CD at CD Baby (info at website).” - Addison Rogers

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Dean Madonia The Light of Reason" & Madness and Desire, One Night in America" Born and raised in Kalamazoo, pop-rock pianist Dean Madonia is still an occasional face on the West Michigan music scene; sometimes he plays at Mojo’s in Grand Rapids. But Madonia is spending a lot of time in his new home of Nashville, trying to make the move from bar gigs to the big time. Interesting back story: Madonia lost his right ring finger and the tip of his pinky in a lawn mowing accident three years ago. And yet, the man plays on – and plays well. Madonia – with his band — has recently released two CDs: The Light of Reason and Madness and Desire, One Night in America. Two of the best songs on "Reason" are “American Love Song” (with its Beatles White Album feel at the beginning and end) and “No Tomorrow,” a hard-driving song that could easily be a radio hit. While Madonia wrote most (all) of the songs on Reason himself, Madonia friend and songwriter Scott Avery penned the tracks on Madness and Desire. This is a darker and more mellow CD than Reason. The final song, “Mile Marker Zero,” is perhaps the best; it’s about starting over and not being judged by the past.” - By the REVUE Editorial Staff

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AP_57_Dean_Madonia Krash Coarse Jun 18, '08, 7:00 PM Dean Madonia 1- No Tomorrow 2- American Love Song Very Prog-Rock feel to those two. Dean Madonia has led an interesting life, playing piano and guitar from a young age. His father was a musician, and I guess Dean had it in his blood, working in studios and playing wherever whenever he could. The saga of his album "Light Of Reason" getting lost in a studio move is an fascinating read on his website. To get links to his site and where to buy his CDs, please come to AudioPopcorn.net. While you're there, drop me a comment, or leave me a few words on my comment line 763-390-5051. I'll try to talk to you again soon. A more Billy Joel / Elton John inspired tune; enjoy! 3- Cannot Turn Away - 911 Song DeanMadonia.com :: best place to get Dean - related news File Download (17:19 min / 15.8 MB) AP_57_Dean_Madonia.mp3 15.8 MB Read more…” - Krash Coarse

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Review of "The Light Of Reason" (two and a half stars ) I just reviewed Dean's other album from 2006 where he sing the songs of Scott Avery and which I was dissapointed at. Here on his other album from 2006 it is his own material that stands on the menu, and it gets more interesting. The style of music we're speaking about is somewhere between progressive rock and singer songwriter rock and it is a cool hybrid. It's a shame that he produces the stuff on his own cause that is the big minus with this album. The songs and Dean's voice is far better than the production and I could just imagine if a guy like Rupert Hine would have produced it. Phew. It's a pity cause there are lof of talent hidden in this man and I'm sure we'll hear much more from Dean in the future.” - Pär Winberg