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Dean Madonia: Country and Midwestern
CD Baby - Dean Madonia 4 Dean's first country CD, featuring some of Nashville's finest including Steel player Bruce Boughton.

The Light Of Reason - 2006 - Produced by Dean Madonia

This CD is the follow-up to "Deep Sky." It was supposed to be finished in 2000, and it basically was. I decided to have a friend of mine, Craig Lozowick, mix a couple songs and he talked me into mixing the whole thing. He did this for me on the cheap at Desmond Child's production studio in Miami - The Gentleman's Club. When we finally got started, we decided to redo the vocals and some guitar and keyboard parts, One song, "Cannot Turn Away." was completely re-done. I was packing up to leave for Nashville and because Desmond had "real" clients recording there like Bon Jovi, and LeAnn Rimes, and the American Idol winners, my project still wasn't done when I moved to Nashville. I got a CD in the mail with some mixes I was not happy with and I kept bugging him to tweak these mixes, but the studio was busy, and so was Craig. A Long time passed with me constantly hounding Craig to finish, and I grew quite frustrated and concentrated on writing. Finally enough was enough. I demanded to get my hard drive back with the data so I could mix it myself. Craig could not find the data, Desmond had closed the studio and moved all of his stuff (and my hard drive) to L.A. After a lot of swearing, numerous phone-calls to Craig, and other feats I will not describe, a data back-up tape was produced. It took 8 different studios to figure out a way to retrieve the lost data. Mark Hornsby of Ridenour recording in Florida finally sent me CDs of the data which had much of the material. Unfortunately, randome audio files were missing and many parts still had to be replaced. How many times did I have to record and mix this CD? I took my time mixing the stuff and a few songs were missing so much data that I had to use Craigs original rough Mixes: "Poor Man's Physician," "No Tommorrow," Cannot Turn Away," and "What Do You Feel." These actually sounded good, I am just really anal. I had the CD mastered by Spencer Secoy of Ridenour Studios at the end of 2004, and I was about to press the CD in 2005 when I started on "Madness And Desire, One Night In America." My wife was preagnant and I had a small window to bring the band in and record the rhythym tracks. We did it in two days. A Month later, My son Wolfgang was born. Of course, no work was done for awhile, but I got back into that CD and recorded the vox, keys, and a few overdubs with Val, and Then We got it mastered. Now I had two CDs. These Cd's have the same release date even though, "The Light Of Reason" should have come out in 2001. I hope you will find it worth the wait. Buy this CD at CD Baby! Buy the CD
DEAN MADONIA: The Light Of Reason
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Madness And Desire, One Night In America (Dean Madonia Sings Scott Avery) - 2006 - Produced by Dean Madonia

This CD is a tribute to friend and fellow song-writer, Scott Avery. The Dean Madonia Band (Nashville). Features Val (Evans) Lupescu on guitar, Travis Vance on Bass, and Mike Walter on drums. I recorded this live at Soft Monkey Studios in Nashville and added my vox and keys later. I really enjoyed making this CD because I did not write it. I sometimes get too caught up in production with my own stuff and worry about all the wrong things. I was Thinking about the songs here. Scott Avery is a great writer and a wonderful performer and a good friend. His shows are very entertaining and lively. He does not usually show his moody side to his fans. We had been kicking around the idea of me recording some of his music for some years and I agreed to do it if he promised me two things: Rule # 1. I wanted Scott's darkest material, no happy-go-lucky, goofy stuff. Not too positive, and it had to rock. I got the Scott-as-the-sad-clown stuff, and it is great! 2. No input from Scott after he sent the work-tape to me. I was going to do my interpretation of his music MY way. Yes, I am a control freak, but if Scott wanted to make a CD, he is a great guitar player and has access to some claas-A musicians. He can make that kind of CD anytime. PS: there are no acoustic guiatrs on this CD... I was listening alot to Roxy Music, "Avalon," and Coldplay "Parachutes" when I did this CD. I don't know what effect that had on the production, but I think it was positive. Let me know what you think. Buy this at CD Baby Buy the CD
DEAN MADONIA: Madness And Desire, One Night In America
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Deep Sky - 1998 - Produced by Dean Madonia and Mark Loren

I had been writing, recording and performing with Miami-based Progressive/Rock/fusion band "Third Wish/Wyscan." I had a lot of song ideas that did not fit with the vibe of that band. This is my debut solo CD after I left "Wyscan" in 1995. Released in 1998. After spending years in other bands, I had a lot on my mind and I felt like sharing. I used many of South Florida's Best Musicians on the CD including, Mitch Farber (guitar) and Keith Cronin (drums). There are guest appearances by former Wyscan band-mates, Javier Carrion (bass) and John Roggie, and Debbie Spring (viola) helped me out by putting together a string trio (the Livid Strings) for a couple of songs. This CD was recored on ADATs without automation and contains a hidden track (rewind before the first song plays). Buy this CD at CD Baby! Buy the CD
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