Dean Madonia is a singer/song writer who lives in Nashville. Dean recently released a cd called Shadow To Shadow: Dean Madonia” - James Downing

Monsters From the Basement

Dean Madonia is a prog-rock musician originating from Michigan. Dean has spent time in Florida and now makes Nashville his home. Dean recently developed the album "Shadow to Shadow," a concept album about Frankenstein. We talk about concept albums, prog, touring, Marilyn Manson's beginnings, writing songs in Nashville, working on Music Row and come up with a few new slogans for Dean and his guitarist, Val. We listen to a track from the album and Dean and Val treat us to a live performance.” - Ron Placone/Paulina Combow/Val Lupescu/Dean Madonia

Indie Bohemians Radio

This is a podcast featuring two songs from "Shadow To Shadow," and commentary.” - Mark Ashby

progtopia (podcast)

Paul Seiz talks with me about dueling pianos, life and Frankenstein” - Paul Seiz

Piano Barbarians Episode 33 (podcast)

7-9-15 Rick hosts another exciting skype-jam session with musicians Kieth Ridenour and Dean Madonia. Kieth and Dean share thier insite on the craft and business of music writing. Audio Download Now! 169 Downloads Video” - Rick Santese

Rick's Show On the Radio

Eclectic Mix Open Your Mind Show #48 - Dean Madonia Listen Now Dean Madonia No Tomorrow Full Fathom Five Poor Man's Physician The Raft of the Medusa American Love Song Dean Madonia website Download the Show Promo: We Can and We Must Live!” - NA

Ecclectic Mix