REVIEWS _________________________________________________________ Nashville Music Guide April 2006 By Brad Fischer ONE NIGHT IN AMERICA Artist: Madness & Desire There are twelve songs on this new CD from Dean Madonia and madness & Desire penned by Scott Avery. This soft rock album will remind you at times of Cat Stevens with its ryyhmic storytelling vocals that come from the soul. But you will also hear other influences that carry you along into the theme of the album. Produced by Dean Madonia for Soft Monkey Music, the CD offers excellent instrumentation as well as superb arrangements. A toke or two won't hurt what you hear either. Look for it at record stores or at on the web. Rating: Seven Stars ******* (out of seven)” - Brad Fischer

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Review of "Madness And Desire, One Night In America (Dean Madonia Sings Scott Avery) (One and a half stars out of five) A few years back I raved about this man and his album "Deep Sky". It was therefore real damn cool to find out that he released two new albums this year. This album is the weakest of the two. It's a project where Dean play and sing the songs from the songwriter Scott Avery. But it isn't that exiting really. It's not bad, but the production and arrangements aren't the best, and it feels that the songs doesn't suit Dean's normally more progressive aproach. The only really good thing is Dean's voice which is as good as always.” - Pär Winberg