New Video Links page 

I have a new video links page now - check it out. Organized into "Live, Lyric videos, Unreleased songs, covers

Got a Heel To Heal... 

October 9th, I was out golfing with some buddies and the cart I was riding in flipped over and crushed my foot. I have 3 broken bones including my heel. Having a broken foot is no fun - especially when it's your driving foot It's been 2 1/2 months and I am starting o get around with shoes instead of the cast and one crutch instead of 2. I have been reading a lot, bing watching Netflix and Hulu, practicing guitar scales and writing songs. I have had a lot of time to reflect on life (not always a good…

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Great Halloween Season 

I had a great Halloween season this year - lot's of good reviews for "S2S" and some radio and interviews as well. We played a couple of shows in Nashville on October 29 and Nov 3rd - Videos on the S2S Facebook page as well as YouTube. Big thanks to Anne Leighton at Leightonmedia for her help these last 6 months!

What A Year 

Not trying to bring anyone down here, but the last couple of years have been rough. I have lost my aunt, my niece, my brother-in-law, my old scout leader, a good friend, and now my mother. Surprisingly, I am feeling more positive lately. Glad to have my :Frankenstein" project finished. That's something....

New Blog! 

So - now I have a blog and we can easily communicate! Add your comments anytime!