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Dean Madonia: Photo Gallery

Dean at the Louvre in Paris
The Apple Of His Daddy's Eye - Wolfgang Scott Madonia at 19 months!
Wolfgang Scott Madonia. This picture of my son was taken in West Virginia on a family vacation. Look at that tongue -  He is going to be a rocker!
Future Rock Star (the little one)
Me with my son and wife on the best day of my life.
Trina and Wolf enjoy daddy's song-stylings...


The Mural For Wolfgamg's Room in Nashville
Wlfgang Mural in Nashville
Mural Detail
The Cover Of "Deep Sky." Usually mistaken for a sunflower. It is a fish-eye lens view of stonehenge You are looking up  and an eye is looking back at you from the sky. It's supposed to be the eye of the little girl in the microscope on the back of the CD.
The artwork from the back of the "Wyscan" CD "Third Wish"
"the Monster" from the stop-motion video for "Shadow To Shadow"
Deep Sky alternate cover
"Light Of Reason" alternate back cover
This is the cover art for the new CD'The Light Of Reason"
"The cover for "Madness And Desire, One Night In America (Dean Madonia Sings Scott Avery" I did this by taking a photo of Wolfie's Happy Blocks & alphabet blocks. I took the sailboats from the web and put it all into Photoshop. The moon is Scott!
The old "Third Wish" logo, before we changed the name to "Wyscan"
The "old" "Soft Monkey Music" Logo
The old self portrait from "Deep Sky"
"Featherskull," a scary Photoshop experiment. It was going to be  a CD cover, but it's too dark even for me. It looks like some late 80's Metal band artwork!
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