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Dean Madonia: Photo Gallery

Mark Kuiper, Dean Madonia, Stevan Holmes (photo by Judy Blem)
"Public Eye" backstage in Waycross, GA 1986: Dean, Jay Bevins, Doug Thomas, Rick Fantuse
Val Evens cranks out a beautifully tortured lead at the Hard Rock Cafe
Travis Vance plays in the Dean Madonia Band (Nashville) and with numerous bands including, "The Rucksack Wanderers," and "OBLiO."
Mike Walters plays drums in the Dean Madonia Band (Nashville) as well as numerous other bands from Nashville including the "Muzik Mafia."
Me with the Dean Madonia Band (Florida) at the Hard Rock Cafe  Miami 1999
Madness CD Release Party at the "Duck" - April 16, 2006 Boca Raton, FL. Left To Right: Scott Avery, Dean Madonia, Randy "Red" Ridenour," and Steve Argee.

Wyscan / Third Wish

XS Magazine photo of the prog/fusion band "Wyscan" (formerly known as "Third Wish" circa 1994. Left to right: Javier Carrion, Dean Madonia, Vince Verderame, Jonathan Kreisberg, John Roggie.
Third Wish in 1995. 5 angry men! L - R: Dean, Javier carrion, Jonathan Kreisberg, John Roggie, Vince Verderame
Dean Madonia with Wyscan live on "Center Stage"
Jonathan Kreisberg with Wyscan live on "Center Stage"
Third Wish publicity shot 1993.
Dean with Wyscan live on "Center Stage"
Wyscan live on "Center Stage"
Wyscan opening for Steve Vai at the Button South in Hallendale FL 1994. Pictured L - R: Jonathan Kreisberg, Dean Madonia
I couldn't afford expensive clothes so I  used to customize my pants back then.


Wolfie School Pic
The family (before Wolfie): Trina, Ben, Dean
Dean and Trina Madonia on Their Wedding Day
Dean at the Louvre in Paris
The Apple Of His Daddy's Eye - Wolfgang Scott Madonia at 19 months!
Wolfgang Scott Madonia. This picture of my son was taken in West Virginia on a family vacation. Look at that tongue -  He is going to be a rocker!
Future Rock Star (the little one)
Me with my son and wife on the best day of my life.
Trina and Wolf enjoy daddy's song-stylings...
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