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Dean Madonia: Photo Gallery

Dean Madonia Band Photos

Dean and Cory at the Hard Rock
Dean sweating it out at the Blue Moon in Des Moines, IA
This promo shot was taken by John Nikolai after I lost my ring finger on April 3rd, 2003. My friend Perry was kind enough to find it in Photoshop. I wish someone could do that for real.
Dean and David G. Smith at the Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN
L - R Tom Manche, Roxie Randle, Dean Madonia, David G. Smith at the Bluebird Cafe - Nov 2008
The "old" Dean Madonia Band in Fort Lauderdale 1998. L - R: Cory Mauro, Jimmy Ruccolo, Scott Tryon, Dean Madonia, Mike Waxman.
This one was taken at the park next to the prison in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.
Dean Madonia Band (Florida) left to right: Scott Tryon, Cory Mauro, Jimmy Ruccolo (standing), Dean , Mike Waxman
This is Bruthaman Val (Evans) Lupescu at the NAMM show in LA. Val is a gifted guitarist and a he and his wife Jen are great friends. Val took over the guitar in the Dean Madonia Band in 1998 and is still rockin with me here in Nashville.
Mark Kuiper, Dean Madonia, Stevan Holmes (photo by Judy Blem)
"Public Eye" backstage in Waycross, GA 1986: Dean, Jay Bevins, Doug Thomas, Rick Fantuse
Val Evens cranks out a beautifully tortured lead at the Hard Rock Cafe
Travis Vance plays in the Dean Madonia Band (Nashville) and with numerous bands including, "The Rucksack Wanderers," and "OBLiO."
Mike Walters plays drums in the Dean Madonia Band (Nashville) as well as numerous other bands from Nashville including the "Muzik Mafia."
Me with the Dean Madonia Band (Florida) at the Hard Rock Cafe  Miami 1999
Madness CD Release Party at the "Duck" - April 16, 2006 Boca Raton, FL. Left To Right: Scott Avery, Dean Madonia, Randy "Red" Ridenour," and Steve Argee.
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