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Dean Madonia: Links to others

Shadow To Shadow, Dean Madonia's Frankenstein at Cd Baby!
Here is where you can buy a physical copy of the 2014 release, "Shadow To Shadow, Dean Madonia's Frankenstein," at Cd Baby!
Dean Madonia Art
I am surprised at how many people I know who didn't realize that I am also a visual artist. Granted, I have promoted myself as a performing songwriter for most of my life, but I have always drawn and painted and created graphics on the computer. This site is to show people the "other thing" that I do... Let me know what you think!
My childhood friend Greg Curvey and I wrote and recorded a CD as "Pretty Little Horses," called "Evergreen. One of our songs made it into the film, "The Stream." Check out the track listing - we are in very good company!
A great progressive site with Mark Ashby featuring interviews and new music on his "Friday Finds." I am on episode 30, May, 2014.
WIDR Music aIn the Library
My new song "The Way I Love" filmed live at WIDR FM, Kalamazoo, MI
Dean Madonia on Soundcloud
new tracks and song demos not available for sale

Other Dean Madonia Sites

"Shadow To Shadow, Dean Madonia's Frankenstein"
This site contains all the latest news on my newest endeavor, "Shadow To Shadow, Dean Madonia's Frankenstein." There are pics of the band, some art from the CD and graphic novel and more. Please visit and, "like."
Apple's iTunes
Download individual tracks!

DEAN MADONIA: The Light Of Reason @ Apple iTunes

DEAN MADONIA: Deep Sky @ Apple iTunes

DEAN MADONIA: Madness And Desire, One Night In America - Apple iTunes
This is a really good website for music and I have about 15 songs there.
Eclectic Mix
This is the location of my podcast on Eclectic Mix. I really appreciate being included on a podcast that features one artist at a time.
Bands! Another cool place to rest a few of your pics and sound clips. I have some stuff here.
Dean Madonia Music
After I went to the ASCAP expo in LA and heard every industry person talk about "myspace" like it was the second coming, I decided to make a page for myself.

Music Sites
Par Winberg has been writing about music for a long time and even though we don't always see eye-to-eye, he is a great guy and very well-informed with his musical opinions.
Foodfight! (the movie)
Check out the animated film "Foodfight!" in summer of 2009 and listen for Dean's song "Honor Is Ours."
ASCAP/Murphy's Laws
Ralph Murphy was introduced to me by a mutual friend and has been sort of "the dad I never wanted" since I have been living here. Ralph knows what's going on in Nashville and pretty much anywhere else songs are being written, and he is as candid as they come. I admire candor above all else, so I will always admire this man. He is knowledgeable and helpful, and if you want to know how to write a song, check out his pages.
Concerts In Your Home
House Concerts In Your Home

Fran is a good friend and a great performer - he started this self-explanatory site awhile back and it's really taking off.

XN Rock Nashville
XN Rock is a website with reviews, a local calendar, and a booking agency for Nashville area Rock Shows.
The Cooper Stand
Daniel Cooper has invented the BEST guitar stand out there. Check it out here!

Friends and Acquaintances

David G. Smith
David is a good friend and one of my main co-writers - talented and tencious!
Roxie Randle
I met Roxie when I was performing at the the Nashville New Music Conference in 2002. She is a great singer/songwriter and I have had the opportunity to play in several rounds with her since I have been living here. She has a new CD out - check her out.
Scott Avery
Scotty is a great friend and a great writer. Unfortunately, this link is about the best yer gonna get from the boy. He's not interested in self-promotion, he didn't have much to do with this page. His friend Judy Blem couldn't take it anymore, so she programmed something quick for him. Now you can check out photos and a couple songs at least and see where he's playing. Don't just check the listing - go see him - his shows are great and wildly entertaining!
Larry Getlen
Larry is a journalist with a great sense of humor and good taste in music. He contributor to the New York Post, and Editor-in-Chief of City Scoops Magazine. Has also written for Esquire, Radar, Maxim, Variety, Salon, Nerve, MovieMaker, and Writer’s Digest.
Fran Snyder
Fran is a good friend and a great songwriter/entertainer. He and I have played a few shows together and I was the voice of "Hugh Manatee" on his children's CD, "Five Little Monkeys." Fran is also the founder of the site/organization "Concerts In Your Home"
Rivers Rutherford
Rivers is a great writer, performer, friend and mentor. He is a gifted songwriter and he has written many country hits.You can catch him once-in-a-while at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, when he isn't on the road opening for a bunch of big artists including Pat Green and Kieth Urban. Keep an eye out for him on the country charts where he spends most of his time and check out his CD "Just Another Coaster," it's great!
Jonathan Kreisberg
Jonathan is a gifted guitarist. We were in a Prog/fusion band called "Third Wish" together for several years. The band released an EP as "Third Wish" and A full length CD as "Wyscan" after a name conflict with another band. The players in the band were all top-notch, but what still stands out on that recording is Jonathan's guitar. Jonathan started playing mostly fusion when that band broke up and then a few years later he moved to NY and began to play his take on straight-ahead jazz. His CD "Nine Stories Wide" is an excellent collection and I always look forward to hearing what this innovative player is up to.
Stevan Carter
Stevan is a good guy, a great friend and an awesome guitarist. We have been in bands together over the years and he has played on a lot of my recordings (including the solo on Deep Sky's "On the Way Home). Stevan is also a talented screen-writer and he has a music company where he sells tracks for commercials and film. You can check him out here... Get Carter!
Angela Kaset
Angela is a gifted Writer and performer. She has the voice of a wounded angel and has actually gotten me a little misty-eyed during her performances (not so easy to do to a "tough guy" like me). Check out her "Live at the Bluebird." CD. She really sounds like that live!
Rick Beresford
Rick is an amazing writer and performer (and a damn good cook). He and his wife Deanna are great friends. Rick is a song coach and is writing a book about writing, and Deanna is a piano teacher at Vanderbilt University and also an excellent writer.
Jimmy Webb
Jimmy Webb is one of the best songwriters That I have ever heard. I have been lucky enough to meet him a few times and he is a wonderful person. You have to check out his CD, "Ten Easy Pieces." It's just him and a piano and 10 HUGE hits. If you are a writer and want to be inspired, this is your next CD purchase.
Sue Merchant
I have been doing some reviews for and once in awhile somebody really stands out. This artist from the UK really got my attention... Beautifully broken voice and nice english progressive/folk guitars and smooth vocals.
Ken Jameson
Ken is one of the best keyboard players I have ever heard - a monster! He is my old partner from Howl at the Moon in Fort Lauderdale, and I miss working with him - check out his website!
Hugh Prestwood
Hugh is the grammy-winning writer of "The Song Remembers When." He has been an inspiration to me.
Trent Jeffcoat
Trent is a friend, a co-writer, and a great singer. Trent IS country. He doesn't wear a hat because he is in Nashville trying to get a deal, he wears a hat because he always has.
Jeff Middleton
Jeff is a friend and a talented co-writer. I haven't seen much of him since he and his wife had their first kid (and now I have a one-year-old, I know why. Jeff performs his originals around town and you should look at his calendar and check him out.
Bonnie Mizell
Bonnie is an excellent dueling piano player and songwriter. Check out her site and her new CD "Two Sides."
Kinso Records
Kinso Records is the home of my best friend in Nashville, Val (Evans) Lupescu. Val is great guy, an amazing guitarist and he has been in the Dean Madonia Band since 1999 in Florida. He has had his own jazz fusion bands including the V-Loop Trio.
Red One Music
Kieth has been a good friend for a long time and he is a talented writer/producer. His new Studio in Franklin, TN is open for business - check it out.
Debi Champion
Debi is a great singer/songwriter, and she hosts writers nights in Nashville. I have played her writers nights for 5 years now and it's always good to see her smiling face.